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Yelena Yemchuk’s Photography Book “Anna”

Shot over a period of 20 years by Ukranian female photographer Yelena Yemchuk who is frequently featured in fashion magazines such as Vogue Italia, “Anna” expresses an honest bond between two friends as well as an extreme intimacy. The photography book itself was designed by Studio 191 from New York, a creative company known for their graphic design work for Louis Vuitton x Supreme. Yelena also arrived in Tokyo with Anna and an exhibition of “Anna” was held in Bookmarc Tokyo from 2017.9.30-10.9.


Editor: Masanobu Sugatsuke

Art Direction: Studio 191

Editing/Distribution: United Vagabonds

A4 Size, 128 Pages, Hardcover + Handmade Linen Cloth. Printed at a resolution of 1000 dpi (Approximately 3 times higher than normal prints)

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